Kurrajong (ELC-Year 2)

“We stand hand in hand with the child as a learner, to encourage them to perform to the best of their abilities, always evolving and learning as the process is never complete. We aim to awaken their wonder and nourish their own amazement and potential.” NATALIE NATSIAS, HEAD OF KURRAJONG

Kurrajong is the start of learning at Pulteney. Our youngest students get their hands dirty, activate their senses and experience the richness of life. We take young minds and mould them into creative, critical, ethical and divergent thinkers. Boys and girls have the opportunity to explore, observe and experience their world.

The indoor and outdoor space, inspired by children’s imaginations, is a positive learning environment. Students also explore the nearby Adelaide Park Lands and the city. On one adventure walk our students asked inquisitive questions about a construction crane they saw on top of a building. They drew conclusions from their observations to critically rationalise and understand the engineering process. So while we encourage them where to look we certainly don’t tell them what to see. Their individual discovery builds their confidence and is the foundation for future learning.

Kurrajong integrates literacy and numeracy education with the core areas of the Australian Curriculum. Students use a range of technological tools, including One-to-One, iPads and interactive white boards, in a safe online environment.

We take a holistic approach to develop children’s social skills, intellectual independence, emotional security and spiritual and physical growth. Learning is fun and students can’t wait to begin their day.

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