Pulteney has a talented team who together practice a unique and holistic approach to achieve our seven attributes of student wellbeing.

From Early Learning to Senior School students are provided with specialist lessons and programs centered on these seven wellbeing attributes:

  1. Aspirational wellbeing: students are supported to become optimistic young people, to be aware of their capacity and of the possibilities in their life, to dream and plan for the future.
  2. Cognitive wellbeing: students cultivate self-awareness, to be wise and confident decision makers and understand how to learn effectively and think critically.
  3. Emotional wellbeing: students develop the capacity to become resilient and resourceful with the capability to exercise self-control and manage a range of powerful feelings and develop positive coping strategies.
  4. Moral wellbeing: strong community values, modeled on inclusion, empathy, compassion, justice and fairness, are fostered in students. Students are in turn empowered with the integrity and confidence required to be accountable for their individual choices.
  5. Physical wellbeing: students develop habits that enable long-term health and safety and enjoy the benefits that come with being physically healthy.
  6. Social wellbeing: students learn how to build and grow positive relationships in diverse contexts.
  7. Spiritual wellbeing: students are part of a community shaped by the deepest meanings and values through which people choose to live their fullest expression of their humanity.

Two registered psychologists provide support and guidance in relationships, mental health, motivation, sleep, parenting, decision-making and grief. Heads of House, Tutors, Home Group and class teachers all contribute significantly to student wellbeing. Our School Chaplain also has a mentoring and counseling role. Everyone at Pulteney is committed to developing well-rounded, confident and happy young people.

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