Teamwork & Leadership

“At Pulteney we teach cooperation and collaboration to enable our students to work together for the common good.” DEB DALWOOD, DEPUTY PRINCIPAL – STRATEGY & CULTURE.

We believe that being part of a team and striving for success is so important. We strongly encourage student participation in a wide variety of sport, outdoor education, performing arts teams and ensembles.

Our students are the leaders of tomorrow and we provide opportunities for student leadership at all levels within the School.

The most visible ‘badge of office’ is the white blazer, worn by Year 12 Prefects and House Captains. Dating back to 1955, the white blazer is an important symbol of integrity and service to the Pulteney community.

Beyond the white blazer, it is the School’s view that leadership is everyone’s responsibility. Opportunities for leadership are provided in music, sport, drama, art, venture club, tutoring, community service, peer mentoring, student ambassadorship, House leadership, School tours, assemblies, Chapel and other key events.

Pulteney encourages students to provide service to their School, as well as the local and global community. Some of the most rewarding experiences were created on recent trips to an orphanage and school in Nepal and conservation parks in Mfuwe, Zambia.

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