one ninety (Year 10-12)

“The end of formal schooling is the start of life as an adult and learning to stand on your own two feet. Students have a sense of self, know their own strengths, and are ready to embrace the potential life has to offer.” REBECCA BAKER, HEAD OF SENIOR SCHOOL (ONE NINETY)

The final years of schooling consolidate the learning aspirations of our students in preparation for their future. Possibilities are endless and may seem overwhelming, at times, but we encourage students to keep their options open while working to their interests and strengths.

As they enter the modern world, students require maturity, confidence and a repertoire of independent learning skills. We continue to offer a broad and rich curriculum that supports students to develop the personal attributes and passion they need to be a life-long learner.

In 2015 Pulteney launched the Centre for Senior Learning, a magnificent facility that reflects the current and future global trends in study and work environments. The post-industrial design features shared breakout spaces, ubiquitous technology, pods for reflective work and collaborative enquiry and sight lines with panoramic views.

The Centre, created with openness and flexibility, is a space where students want to be. They work individually and collaboratively with their teachers and each other. Students thrive in this inspiring urban environment that connects them to the city.

Graduates leave Pulteney well prepared for their exciting futures, full of anticipation for the lives they will lead and inspired, challenged and empowered to achieve their goals.

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