Prep School (Year 3-6)

“A safe and secure learning environment, where ideas are valued, empowers students to think for themselves, contribute to discussions and solve problems. We strive to build strong relationships between students, teachers, parents and the community.” DENISE O’LOUGHLIN, HEAD OF PREP SCHOOL

Prep School is an exciting stage of discovery where the abilities and interests of students grow. They explore new opportunities, build teamwork skills and develop passions through co-curricular activities. As their confidence in learning flourishes, students are inspired to be creative, independent and critical in their thinking, and reflective in their learning. The “Rock and Water” project, for example, provides a pathway to self-awareness through physical exercise.

“‘Rock’ is firm, it can be the feeling that tells you to stand up for yourself. ‘Water’ is a nice, calm and amazing feeling but sometimes needs ‘Rock’ by its side,” OLIVIA, YEAR 4.

“‘Rock’ means to back yourself up and stay strong.‘Water’ means to keep calm and go with the flow,” HARVEY, YEAR 4.

Daily explorations develop relationships and associations with the community and contribute to our students’ growing identities. Students build a strong sense of self, developing their values and individual responsibilities.

Year 6 students investigate inequality in the World through “The Hunger Banquet”. By doing simulation activities, they confidently navigate the logistics of global hunger and poverty and are challenged to develop solutions.

Personal development is our focus at Pulteney so students are inspired to indulge their passions, are empowered to ask the hard questions and dream about the open-ended future of who they might become.

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