Visual & Performing Arts

The city is our muse. We are fortunate to have in our backyard the rich array of theatres, galleries, museums, festivals and urban environment that makes teaching the Arts at Pulteney so exciting.

Our Visual Arts studios are contained in a warehouse-style space for students to develop and express their visual abilities. Art is often a messy business and requires room to express creativity. Students from Early Learning through to Year 12 have constructed many an ambitious installation, showcasing their painting, craft, sculpture, drawing, mosaic and leadlight skills. Our art education has a strong focus on contemporary design applications, including digital media, animation, photography, film, landscape and interior design, and web development.

Our Performing Arts have grown into an extensive program. Music is offered in the curriculum from ELC to Year 12 and via private instrumental tuition during school. Our strong ensemble program supports students to practice their skills and work towards the goal of performing at live events. Highlights in the dynamic schedule include Cabaret Night, Gig at the Gov, Winter Concert and Speech Night.

Drama at Pulteney also is a shining light and a number of Year 12 productions have extended onto sold-out Fringe Festival performances. Students also regularly write and perform their own work and participate in the annual Musical Theatre Production.

Whatever the level of your child’s creative inclination, there is no shortage of opportunities to keep their sparks flying and minds spinning at Pulteney.

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