Learning Support

“Learning Support is provided in a dynamic and contemporary way at Pulteney and assists students with identified learning needs from Early Learning to Year 12.” KAREN KURCZAK, HEAD OF LEARNING SUPPORT.

A collaborative and inclusive approach underpins the work of Learning Support staff, classroom teachers, visiting specialists, peer tutors and parent volunteers who help students to achieve their learning goals.

The innovative and flexible Response To Intervention (RTI) model is the foundation of our Learning Support services, which are available to any student with identified  needs at any stage of their schooling.

The Learning Support team achieves significant results, both with students who require extension and enrichment and students with learning challenges, ongoing health issues or social and emotional needs.

Support is tailored to the individual student and may be short or longer term, individual or in small groups, based on their level of identified need, developmental progress and ongoing progress.

The dedicated teachers and education support workers who make up the Learning Support team actively participate in regular professional development programs that have a focus on the latest evidence based research.

The Learning Support team is highly regarded for supporting students both in and out of the classroom, always working closely with the individual, their family, classroom teachers and the wider school community, to create the
best possible opportunities for successful learning.

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