Tech Talk

“Student learning is at the heart of everything we do at Pulteney Grammar School. The integration of technology into our teaching and learning is an ongoing and evolving process that all of our staff and students embrace.” TROY THOMSON, DIRECTOR OF LEARNING TECHNOLOGIES

In our Junior School, students have access to more than 440 iPads, and teachers use educational apps to enhance learning experiences. Our underlying philosophy is for the school, parents and students to be partners in learning. For example, junior students might share an email of their work with parents during the day, or expand their cognitive and motor skills through the integration of the Maker Movement – where our students learn coding, robotics and 3D printing.

As students progress through Middle School, the learning landscape further develops and they ‘bring their own device’ to support their studies. We offer flexibility supporting both Apple and Microsoft Windows platforms and cloud based services.

Students are provided with universal learning tools and are responsible for managing their own devices and data. They learn early on to be aware of their digital identity and be considerate digital citizens.

Pulteney works closely with staff to improve student learning, seeking opportunities where technology will empower students to achieve outstanding outcomes required for study, work and play in their future.

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